You’re not your church’s problem. But you can be the solution.

Often, it seems the Church seems to make little difference in people’s lives. Many church members just go through the motions, if they’re engaged at all. 

Don’t take it personally, this has been a problem in the Church since before you ever began your ministry.

Uncover the real problem–a broken process built on old learning models. 

Introduce a spiritual habit-building process supported by the latest discoveries in neuroscience. 

Regain your sense of fulfillment as people connect with God and reconnect with the church. 

About Go-N-Do

Diverse Team

We are a diverse team of pastors, ministry leaders, and learning science practitioners from a range of Christian traditions, both Protestant and Catholic. We are united and driven not only by our faith in Jesus Christ, but also by a commitment to help strengthen the Church.

We Believe

We believe that every person struggles with problems that are spiritual in nature, which can only be solved with God’s help. We’ve observed that while the steps to receiving God’s help are straightforward, very few people, including Christians, have been taught how to use them.

Deep Practice

In secular settings, we saw the neuroscience-based process called Deep Practice make learning dramatically more rapid and more enduring, inspiring us to combine Deep Practice with the essential practices of the Christian faith to make a set of “biblical practice tools.”

Better Learning

Go-N-Do is your source for applying neuroscience-based learning in your church.

Show people how

You deal with issues like anxiety, fear, and loss, and so do your people. With Go-N-Do resources, now you can provide them with step-by-step biblical solutions for life’s toughest challenges.

Cut the apron strings

Christians often turn to their pastor with their problems. But Jesus said “Come to me.” Give them the Go-N-Do practice tools they need to connect with God on their own.

Activate your members

Hearts are transformed and faith grows faster when people are interacting with God, leading them to engage more actively in the ministries and outreach of your church.

Get back to leading

When church members interact with God to solve their problems, pastors and ministry leaders can focus less on the urgent and more on the important tasks of leading.

What would better learning look like in your church?

What would that feel like to you?

What’s Next?

Check out what ministry leaders have found to be a remarkably practical means to better learning, living, and leading.

Discover Deep Practice

The Deep Practice Podcast will take you deeper into the neuroscience-based process that Go-N-Do uses for enduring, accelerated learning. Go-N-Do Webinars will equip you to apply Deep Practice learning in a church setting.

Deep Practice Podcast

Take a test drive

Next, try it out yourself. The two-person One-On-One Pack will take you and another person through three weeks of learning a single practice, such as Relinquishment. You’ll experience exactly how the accelerated learning process works.

One-on-One Resources

Roll out one practice

When you’re ready, get your church members involved. Go-N-Do resources give you everything you need to fit into how you do church: small groups, retreats, sermon series, mentoring, or pastoral counseling. You choose what works best.

Online Store

Trends & Perspectives

Articles about events in the field of spiritual habit-building.

Pastor Becomes Neuroscience Advocate

“I really feel like this not only can improve people’s lives, it can change the Church.  It’s practical, it happens outside Sunday mornings, and it speaks to real issues that everyone faces.”

Becky Przybylski

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Regain your sense of fulfillment

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