Three Essential Components of Deep Practice

Go-N-Do Discipleship founder Bob Beer decided to bring Deep Practice into the Church as a way to help people engage with God.

During his business career, Bob used Deep Practice to train employees, finding it effective in accelerating learning through a three part process.

Today’s podcast focuses on the personal story of Bob Beer, the founder of Go-N-Do Discipleship, and how God is using Bob’s experience and wisdom from his career in business to serve and build up the Church of today.

At a critical moment in Bob’s business career, he needed to train a large number of editors in a short period of time. By studying the process of learning in an effort to shorten training time, Bob and his colleagues devised a 3-part process to accelerate learning that proved to be incredibly successful, and enjoyable.

The three-part process consisted of

  • Dividing the content into small chunks
  • Providing mental images of what needs to be learned
  • Assigning a mentor for coaching support

Years later, Bob discovered the book “The Talent Code” by Daniel Coyle and learned that the process they devised actually had a name and was known as Deep Practice. Neuroscience backed the effectiveness of the process and the author claimed that Deep Practice produces a 10-fold increase in learning and can be used to learn anything.

Bob thought that he could use this knowledge to help lay people learn the essential spiritual disciplines of the Christian faith, and after feeling a nudge from God to leave his company, he set out to bring his experience with Deep Practice into the Church. After forming a team, Bob and his colleagues set out to create deep practice tools for learning spiritual disciplines, and produced a book containing the tools to teach five spiritual practices. They tested the book with small groups in churches in Ohio, and the people in their test groups had incredible results and amazing experiences of God’s grace.

Thrilled with the outcome of the testing, they started to more widely distribute the books, only to encounter an unexpected obstacle: outside of the test groups, individuals lacked the motivation to use the books or try out the practices. Discouraged, Bob reflected upon an experience he had years earlier, and realized that they needed to more effectively incorporate the coaching support aspect of Deep Practice.

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Resources Mentioned in the Podcast

The Talent Code by Daniel Coyle 

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