Overcoming the Motivation Challenge

An essential component of accelerated learning through Deep Practice is coaching support

What could a winter driving school for teenage drivers have to do with the process of equipping Christians for lifelong relationships with God?

In today’s episode, Bob Beer shares how God used his experience of enrolling his daughters in a winter driving school to show him the missing element in his efforts to use Deep Practice in the Church. At the winter driving school, Bob’s daughters had a powerful experience of accelerated learning that was effective and enjoyable, and they continue to use the skills they learned throughout their lives. Bob realized that he needed to help Churches become like winter driving schools for learning spiritual disciplines that would be used beyond the small group or retreat experience.

In this episode you will hear Bob and Becky discuss:

  • What made the winter driving school so effective
  • How Bob’s book was like the winter driving school without the instructors
  • The creation of a coaching guide for leaders and pastors to use
  • The frustrating continuation of the motivation challenge outside of the test groups
  • The surprising innovation from a Catholic priest that changed everything


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