Moving Learners From One Time Events to Lifelong Habits

Repetition is the key to building lifelong habits through Deep Practice

An innovative priest, Father Dave Nuss, unlocked the effectiveness of Deep Practice in building lifelong spiritual habits through using repetition

It is often said that before a breakthrough you have to experience a breakdown. Bob Beer found himself at a near breaking point, having worked for almost nine years to bring Deep Practice and accelerated learning into the Church, but finding that in spite of successful test groups and incredible one-time retreat experiences, the practice tools he and his team had developed were not becoming the lifelong habits they had envisioned.

The breakthrough Bob and the team needed came through the innovation of a Catholic priest from Toledo, Ohio, Father Dave Nuss, who planned to use the practice tools in a different way than anyone had before. In spite of Bob’s initial skepticism, Father Dave and his parishioners had amazing, lasting results, and people continued to use the practices to engage with God when they experienced challenges in their lives. As a result, Bob actually changes the coaching guides to reflect what Father Dave had discovered.

In this episode you will hear Bob and Becky discuss:

  • The difference between a one-time spiritual experience and a lifelong habit
  • Father Dave’s plan to focus on one practice throughout the entire 6 weeks of Lent
  • Repetition as the missing piece of habit-building
  • How Bob and the team modified the coaching-guides to reflect what they had learned
  • The next challenge: making the guides and practice tools easier to access
  • How Deep Practice equips people to face life’s challenges and go to God in their actual lives

Next week, Becky will be joined by Father Dave Nuss who will share some of his insights and the incredible stories of people who have integrated the practice tools into their daily lives.

Resources Mentioned in the Podcast

The Talent Code by Daniel Coyle 

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