Introducing Father Dave

What if you woke up on Christmas or Easter morning and you were less anxious, worried, and afraid?

“What kind of an Easter would it be if that fear that has gripped you, that worry that has relentlessly assailed you, what if that were gone on Easter Sunday morning?”

Father Dave Nuss, pastor of a Catholic Church in Toledo, Ohio, asked this question to his parishioners before diving in, as a church community, to six weeks spent with the practice of relinquishment, one of the Deep Practice tools created by Go-N-Do Discipleship. After being introduced to Bob Beer and learning about the tools, Father Dave was immediately excited to use the tools to help him grow in effectiveness as a pastor and to help people go to God in their own lives.

Starting first with himself and with his leadership team, they practiced relinquishment and experienced benefits, success, blessings, and grace from using the practice when they felt worry or fear. The leadership team brought the practice to the parish during the seasons of Advent and Lent, focusing on one practice over 4 weeks and then 6 weeks, with amazing and encouraging results.

In this episode, Father Dave and Becky will discuss:

  • Father Dave’s background and story
  • Bob and Father Dave’s initial meeting
  • What interested him most about the Deep Practice tools
  • Father Dave’s personal experiment with the relinquishment practice
  • The deep dive into relinquishment that the parish took in Advent and Lent
  • How they incorporated relinquishment into Sunday worship
  • The fruit of their efforts: people were equipped with relinquishment

Next week, Becky and Father Dave will continue the conversation with stories of fruitfulness that result from embracing Deep Practice.

Resources Mentioned in the Podcast

The Talent Code by Daniel Coyle 

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