Wanted: Accelerated Learning

A major challenge faced by pastors is the busy and hectic schedules of Christians today.

Deep Practice and accelerated learning makes it possible for busy people to learn in a way that is engaging, effective, and enjoyable.

One of the biggest challenges that pastors and ministry leaders face as they try to equip the people of their communities to grow in their spiritual lives is the hectic, busy, and maxed out lives of those laypeople. Similarly, many adults who consider themselves Christians and even go to Church find that they don’t have the time to devote to studying and learning, and are reluctant to attend a group or program where they are talked at or given an information overload.

In today’s episode, Becky and Father Dave offer Deep Practice and accelerated learning as a solution to help pastors equip their people in a way that is enjoyable, effective, and can help people to undergo radical changes and profoundly connect with God in just a few minutes a day.

In this episode, Father Dave and Becky discuss:

  • The importance of learning that is engaging and motivational
  • How accelerated learning dismantles the subtle lies we believe about ourselves
  • How Deep Practice counteracts the temptation to settle for mediocrity
  • Why Deep Practice is a “win” for both leaders and laypeople
  • How neuroscience supports Deep Practice

Next week, we will address a hidden obstacle to learning which is the addiction to the familiar and an inability to see the possibility that things could be different.

Looking to learn more about Deep Practice? We’ve created a one-page printable cheat sheet to help you do just that! Get the cheat sheet below. 

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