Is “The Familiar” Your Biggest Obstacle?

Deep Practice helps us to overcome our addiction to the familiar.

While it seems easier to not venture beyond what we know, Deep Practice helps us to experience the spiritual growth that comes from stepping out into the deep.

As human beings, we all experience the strong temptation to stay in the comfort of the familiar, even if it is unfulfilling and unsatisfying. We tolerate bad habits because they are what we know, and resist the discomfort that accompanies trying something new, and even begin to believe that it’s not possible for our lives or experiences to be different from what they are.

In today’s episode, Becky and Father Dave examine this common human experience and dig into the exciting possibilities of resisting the pull of the familiar, and embracing the discomfort of venturing into uncertain territory in our own journeys with God, through the use of Deep Practice. Deep Practice can help us break out of the familiar with small, attainable steps that produce amazing results.

In this episode, Father Dave and Becky discuss:

  • Why Christians often get “stuck” in their spiritual lives
  • The secret behind a NCAA coach’s amazing success
  • How Deep Practice can help us blaze new paths
  • An amazing success story Becky had in small group ministry using Deep Practice

Next week, we will focus on how to focus on the means to success in Christian discipleship, rather than the end.

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