What Does it Mean to Focus on the Means??

Focusing on the means rather than the ends is essential to Christian formation through Deep Practice.

Deep Practice re-directs our attention from only focusing on the end of formation to the concept of doing small things with great love.

What might happen if we focused on the means of Christian formation and discipleship efforts in the church, rather than the ends?

In today’s episode, Becky and Father Dave identify that the end of formation is a total transformation of our souls into Christlikeness, and a deep inner peace that never diminishes. But how exactly do we get there? How can focusing on the means help us attain this without becoming overwhelmed or burned out?

In this episode, you will learn:

  • What it means to do small things with great love
  • Why we break down learning into small chunks
  • The true purpose of spiritual practices
  • The importance of “reachfulness”
  • How the Church needs to become a training center

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