If You Want to Run, You Have to Run!

The task of spiritual formation can be intimidating, and we run the risk of quitting before we begin.

The solution to being paralyzed in the face of a new challenge is simply to begin.

We have all experienced the excitement of starting a new endeavor, or have been inspired by the example of a great and successful mentor, only to find ourselves paralyzed by the magnitude of our current undertaking. Many times we abandon our new idea without even trying to bring it to reality.

In today’s podcast episode, Becky and Father Dave discuss the common challenge of becoming overwhelmed and paralyzed by a seemingly insurmountable task. When the topic is as expansive as spiritual formation, we often don’t know where to begin, and in spite of our good intentions, never really start. The proposed solution is actually a simple one: you just have to begin.

In this episode, Father Dave and Becky break down:

  • Why it is so difficult to tackle a big task or topic
  • Practical strategies to begin to “pray without ceasing.”
  • The important distinction between looking like Christians and acting like Christians
  • Father Dave and Becky’s personal practice of daily prayer
  • How to give ourselves permission to pause

Resources Mentioned in the Podcast

The Power of Habit, by Charles Duihigg

The The Eternal Journey, by Jonathan Bailey

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