What Lies Beneath Burnout

Pastors suffering burnout need soul-care, community, and resources

While burnout rates for pastors are high, Dr. Matt Lewis suggests that burnout can be prevented by pastors caring for their own souls through new-to-them spiritual practices.

In today’s podcast episode, Becky Przybylski interviews Dr. Matt Lewis about his experiences as a pastor, and also his work directing a program called “Pastors of Excellence,” as well as training and accompanying pastors throughout the world. Matt explains how he met Bob Beer and became Go-N-Do Discipleship’s resident theologian, helping to build the spiritual practices.

In this episode, Becky and Matt discuss:

  • The underlying issues beneath the high burnout rate for pastors
  • The similarities between pastoral ministry and whitewater rafting
  • What the Church actually needs from pastors
  • How pastors can care for their own souls and fall in love with Jesus again

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