Open a Window With a New Spiritual Practice

Reading the Bible in a meditative and prayerful way can open a new window for grace and relationship with God.

Dr. Matt Lewis introduces formational reading of the scriptures as a practice that has helped many pastors he has worked with find renewal.

As sailors learn to discern the direction of the wind by spending time on the water and putting into practice what they have read and studied, we can learn to hear the voice of God by spending time in prayer and especially through learning and trying new spiritual practices. Dr. Matt Lewis returns to the podcast to share a practice that he has effectively used with many pastors throughout the world. Becky also guides listeners through another brief but powerful spiritual practice at the conclusion of the podcast.

In today’s episode, you will learn:

  • How learning to sail is similar to learning to progress in the spiritual life
  • Why we need multiple spiritual practices in our tool-belts
  • The difference between instructional and formational reading of the Bible
  • The step by step process of Formational Reading

Looking to learn more about Formational Reading? We’ve created a one-page printable cheat sheet to help you do just that!

Get the cheat sheet below. 

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