Stop Thrashing Around in the Swamp of Shallow Practice

Garnett and Becky recognize how pastors and ministry leaders struggle to lead their parishioners deeper

Deep Practice provides pastors and Christians with the means to connect with God in a deep and meaningful way.

In this episode of the Deep Practice Podcast, Becky and Garnett continue their discussion on the need for deep and meaningful practices to be brought into the church. In their experiences as pastors, they both struggled to guide their parishioners to connect with God and tangibly help them with their real problems, feeling that they lacked the tools to do so in a concrete way. They recognize and discuss that pastors cannot be the total source of spirituality in their parishioners’ lives, and they need tools, like Deep Practice, that they can use themselves to go to God and connect to him in their lives.

In today’s episode, Becky and Garnett discuss:

  • The pressures put on pastors to be all things to their people and to connect them to God
  • How people aren’t getting what they need from the Church so they are unwilling to invest more time in their churches
  • The way the practices have helped Garnett and Becky to personally have a vibrant spiritual life
  • How traditional groups and programs lead people into the “swamp of shallow practice” by only focusing on hearing and learning rather than doing and experiencing.

Resources Mentioned in the Podcast

The Little Book of Talent, by Daniel Coyle

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