Break Through the Log Jam of Losses with the Practice of Lament

The experience of loss can be difficult for Christians who try to carry and bear more than they should.

The practice of Lament is crucial in helping us bring our grief and losses to God in order to experience deep healing and peace.

In this episode of the Deep Practice Podcast, Becky is joined by Mike Parker, who has worked full-time in pastoral ministry for the past twenty years. Mike shares how he became involved with Go-N-Do Discipleship through serving as Bob Beers’ pastor, by consulting and helping to develop the tools, as well as testing them. Mike and Becky go on to discuss the experience of loss that has especially been brought out by the current pandemic, and how Christians need to be given the tools to have a relationship with the Lord that speaks to those losses, rather than just feeling that we need to push through them or not mourn them. Mike honestly and openly shares some of his experiences of loss and the importance of truly mourning and processing those losses with God through the practice of Lament.

In today’s episode, Becky and Mike discuss:

  • How the current pandemic has forced us to come to terms with loss.
  • The physical effects of anxiety, losses, and grief on Mike’s body and health
  • The pressure Mike felt to be the rock for his congregation, rather than allowing Jesus to be the rock.
  • How to practically deal with the pain of loss through the practice of Lament and how Lament is like clearing away a log-jam and allowing a river to flow again.

Looking to learn more about Lamenting? We’ve created a one-page printable cheat sheet to help you do just that!

Get the cheat sheet below. 

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