Building Sustainable Habits

In this time of instability, more than ever we need to cultivate spiritual habits to be our life preservers in the tumultuous sea that is the year 2020.

The practices offered by Go-N-Do Discipleship help people to develop concrete and tangible spiritual habits that produce real and lasting effects.

In this episode, Becky is joined by Father Dave Nuss and Bob Beer to discuss the reality of living in a global pandemic. The pandemic has disrupted many of our usual daily habits, making it necessary for us to rely on spiritual habits to keep us grounded. However, how do we cultivate new spiritual habits, especially during this challenging time?

The Church needs to help people to learn essential spiritual habits that have been tried and true, but we need to be taught practical steps, rather than to be told to try harder or pray more. Priests, pastors, ministry leaders, and congregants need more than an exhortation, but equipped in a new and concrete way. The processes and systems in which we learn need to be improved so that people can experience the real and lasting effects of the spiritual practices offered to us by the Church and in the Scriptures.

In today’s episode, you will hear:

  • How spiritual habits can serve as a life preserver
  • The deep need people have for tested and successful spiritual habits
  • Why people need more than to be told to work harder or do more
  • How new processes and systems can help us build sustainable habits that actually help us

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