Season 1 Wrap Up – Leaning Into Wholehearted Living During Global Pandemic

Father Dave shares the real-life example of how he and his staff virtually ministered to his parishioners using Deep Practice.

God calls us to connect with him and each other each day, in a new way, right where we find ourselves.

In this episode, Becky, Bob, and Father Dave continue the conversation on the challenge of building sustainable habits. Bob speaks about the experience of hearing about hard working pastors leaving ministry because of burnout. Bob’s recommendations to Father Dave helped him in his personal spiritual life, his daily schedule, to resist burnout, and to help his parishioners.

Father Dave shares how he has been virtually ministering to his parishioners in new ways in order to overcome the challenges posed by the pandemic and virtual ministry. This opportunity to find a new way to meaningfully connect to one another when in-person gatherings were impossible ended up being a surprisingly fruitful way to learn a new spiritual practice together and help people struggling with anxiety to connect to God and each other. This experience is a powerful reminder that we truly can learn to go to God and experience his mercy and tenderness in the midst of these uncertain times.

In this episode, Becky, Bob, and Father Dave discuss:

  • How we can connect with God here and now, in spite of today’s challenges
  • The importance of simple Biblical practices, habits, and routines in preventing burnout and developing spiritually
  • How Father Dave and his team virtually equipped his parishioners to mitigate fear, worry, and anxiety throughout the pandemic using the Relinquishment practice
  • The reminder that God wants us to “begin again” every day, and flourish right where we are

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