Deep Practice and Soccer Skills?

Throughout our lives, we have learned many facts, concepts, habits, and skills, some of which are quickly forgotten, while others become lifelong learning that lasts.

What can we do to ensure that learning lasts, and how can we learn more powerfully, and at a quicker rate?

The Deep Practice Podcast explores the connection between hearing, seeing, and doing, and learning that has become lifelong habits and patterns. Podcast host Becky Przybylski illustrates an example from her own life as a young soccer player, in which she learned soccer moves through hearing, seeing, and doing. Thirty years later, Becky can still recall and repeat what she had learned because of the effective way it was taught. 

Intentionally bringing together hearing, seeing, and doing can accelerate the learning process, and create learning that lasts. This method is known as Deep Practice, and for nearly a decade Go-N-Do Discipleship has been working to apply Deep Practice to the Christian community. This podcast is the newest initiative to share discoveries, successes, and to further ignite the transformation possible by Deep Practice. 

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