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Human beings have an innate desire to learn and discover new ideas, concepts, and skills. True learning is most evident when experience produces action, leading to the building of lifelong habits and patterns. However, we often struggle to apply what we learn, and effectively incorporating hearing, seeing, and doing into learning could take a lifetime.

But what if it didn’t have to?

The first episode of the “Deep Practice Podcast” begins to explore the idea that integrating hearing, seeing, and doing can accelerate the learning process and produce powerful results. The concept known as Deep Practice, popularized by Daniel Coyle in his book The Talent Code, is a powerful way to effectively learn any skill in a short amount of time. 

Podcast host Becky Przybylski introduces the concept of Deep Practice as a powerful tool that can be used by pastors and ministry leaders to equip people on how to engage with God. This season of the podcast will explore what part Deep Practice can play in today’s church, and how Christian Formation and Discipleship efforts can be helped by Deep Practice and accelerated learning. 

Today’s busy world poses many challenges for Christians seeking to connect with God, and for pastors and leaders striving to form disciples. The Deep Practice Podcast, and the tools produced by the Go-N-Do Discipleship Team, will provide support for ministry leaders and is a place to share stories and tips on moving learning efforts from hearing, to seeing, to doing, and therefore produce greater spiritual transformation.

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Resources Mentioned in the Podcast

The Talent Code by Daniel Coyle 

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